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'Where words fail, music speaks'  H. Ch Andersen

Music workshops

1. Vocal sessions – (face to face & on-line)

2. Singing & Songwriting for everyone (face to face & on-line)

3. Singing & songwriting for recovery and wellbeing – individual and groups

4. Community music groups sessions with verities of instruments, singing

5. Music sessions for specific groups or individuals: elderly people, children, youth, women only, girls only, disable people, mental health

6. Keyboard sessions for the beginners 

Studio services for you

1. Writing original songs​ for special occasions

2. Songs production, recording, arranging, mixing

3. Record release services (art – work, release preparation)

4. Vocal production and recording (face to face & distance work)

5. Original songs for children, play songs, individually created voice and music exercises, musical stories

6. Video and documentaries production

For Passionates... 

Quick tutorials (3 sessions) on:

- Singing 

- Songwriting 

- Song arrangement 

- Recording 

- Music production 

- Keyboard 

To book any of these workshops, or for more information please contact:

[email protected]