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'When words fail, music speaks' (H. Ch. Andersen)

HSS Music Production studio

'We make the best of music... '

Luiza Staniec - Moir



1. Vocal sessions with individual and interactive learning plan – (face to face & on-line)

2. Songwriting for everyone (face to face & on-line)

3. Singing & songwriting – individual and interactive learning plan (monthly plan)

4. Songwriting for recovery – small groups and individual (face to face & on-line)

5. Music arrangement, production, recording, individual learning (face to face & on-line)

6. (SLW) Music for Community Well-being - singing, playing many different instruments, interaction through musicality (face to face & on-line)

Our studio services:

1. Writing original songs

2. Songs production, recording, arranging, mixing

3. Record release services (art – work, release preparation)

4. Vocal production and recording (face to face & on-line)

5. Original songs for children, play songs, musical stories

6. Video and documentaries production

7. Music for Community Wellbeing – sessions in a local community - children, youth, adults, family (face to face & on-line)

8. Sound Therapy - Holistic Voice Therapy, Drum Therapy (face to face)

9. Client cantered, original therapeutic tracks production (face to face & on-line)

 Music for community wellbeing (workshop)

- Singing (workshop)

- Songwriting (workshop & service)

- Recording (workshops & service)

- Music production (workshop & service)

- Recording (workshops & service)

- Music releasing

Something extra (new):

Making original tracks for children

Video editing/production – documentaries, social media films

Now, nearly all available on-line!

To discuss your plan, book your space or for more information please contact: [email protected]

call: (44) (0) 7541956179