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'When words fail, music speaks' (H. Ch. Andersen)

Music For Life - live from home 6 hours musical challenge #3

The aim of this fundraiser challenge is to raise monies to support empowering musical workshops & music therapy sessions for women & girls who have been affected by the issues. The activities will take a place in their local communities (and) or online. Also, we will support our female artists, who genially giving their best helping others.

When words fail, music speaks...

The challenge involved singing and playing music for the 6 hours, featuring original tunes and some covers of well-known songs by international female artists, who collaborates with the project.

We had a very special guest who performed from her home in Bahrein - platinum selling

singer/songwriter Sandi Thom

This time was all about the power of music - how music could

improve our lives - about the positive effect of musical activities on

our wellbeing, mental and physical health. We also spoke with music & art therapist Paola Esperson, as well as listened some tunes and

heart-warming stories from domestic abuse survivors who loves & makes music and who have collaborated with our project already.

Inspiring is empowering...

The event was streamed live on Sounds Like Women Facebook fan page the 31st of May between 1pm and 7pm.

Watch a short video summary