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'Where words fail, music speaks'  H. Ch Andersen

Better with Music cafe

 - Community Support Music Cafes.

Sounds Like Women designed this project to meet needs of the most disadvantaged community’s members in Swindon area. 

Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund we are able to organise

10 pop-up music cafe' with workshops, designed for the most disadvantaged communities in Swindon area called 'BETTER WITH MUSIC CAFE':

to empower and to raise awareness about the most pressing issues of the communities, to support and to help the most vulnerable. For SLW music is always the way. 

- Artists, music therapists, community music workshop, volunteers, cakes, teas, coffee and people with big hearts, all will be there! 

We starting - 29th October, then in the last Saturday of every month in a different place, until July 2023! 

More details coming soon.

SLW Community Cafe November (#6) 

'If you are not sure where to begin, start from a cup of tea'

SLW monthly Community Cafe, with a mission to be the safe place for women and girls and joy for the whole community coming 27th November. This month live music and inspirational talk from Bob Heath - music therapist, singer/songwriter and author of a book 'Songs From a Window'.  As well, ladies band - Jaybirds, Jokes, Luiza Moir + Survivors and Santa's Raffle!

As ever - tea, coffee, homemade food, the Music Corner for Children, Open Mic for musicians and music lovers. 

But the most - super friendly, supportive and warm atmosphere. 

Simply visit us to experience that all!   

If you don't know what to do start from a cup of tea. ☕️💝

Sounds Like Women Community cafe, open in the last Saturday of every month it is the safe place for women and girls. 🥰 There's always someone to talk to and supportive information from Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service.

Plenty monthly activities on the top of teas, coffee, homemade food.

At the cafe we also collect new or unused kitchen stuff for Swindon Women's Aid refuge.

There's always live music and the Music Corner for children and adults, raffle and open mic. Just come and see how does it go. We can't wait to see you on the 28 of August - 1 - 4pm.


Monthly, Sounds Like Women Community Cafe next - 31st of July

 Safe place for women & girls, joy for the whole community!

LIVE music from Marina Avetisian Music, local women's group Jaybirds, Music Corner for Children and Open Mic, during the cafe time we will be collecting kitchen UNUSED stuff for Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service refuge. 🍴🍽💗

- So, if you can offer items such as tea towels, cutlery, cups, cookware, plates etc please bring to the event and there will be designated - visible place for collection. That helps women and their children, who just managed to flee from domestic abuse survive very difficult time.

Thank you so much for your generosity and see you in a month time! 🙏🙏

EVERYONE WELCOME! More info coming! 😊

Supported by SLW CIC, Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service and Liddington Community.

All updates on:

SLW Community Cafe April

Every month, during the opening hours we will be collecting essential - day to day items for Swindon Women’s Aid refuge and their charity shop in Swindon. This month it's kitchen stuff - plates, cups, pans, anything in still good condition that women and children can use in the refuge.

• We will also organise a raffle to raise funds for our musical workshops for women and the next community live events.

*Proceeds from the event will go towards supporting women and their communities through our ongoing activities such as musical workshops and community events.


Lovely teas, herbal infusion blend, coffee, soft drinks

Live music

Every month, from local and international artists, as well as music lovers live performance. 

Musical corner for children and adults and much more...

Products homemade by women

This time our own product - lip and skin balm BLuv - antiviral and antibacterial, based on natural bee products and 20% of propolis, homemade by women necklaces and SLW EP1 to purchase straight from a can also find these products in our online shop on this website.  

TOP TABLE SALE every month!

Better To Know (BTK)

BTK - we provide information and support for domestic abuse and inequality issues victims. We wish to create the 'safe place' for those who need help.

In our cafe predominantly, we offer food, drinks, live music and products homemade made by women. 

As well, coming to us you can get support if you, or someone who you knew suffers from domestic violence and any sorts of inequality issues in our community.

At every SLW Community Cafe - Swindon Women’s Aid Ambassador - Tracy Graham will be providing all the necessary information about their services for those who need essential support.