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'Where words fail, music speaks'  H. Ch Andersen

Sounds Like Women

 Empowering women, girls and their families through music & a range of music activities

Download our songs - support our mission

Support our mission and download our songs or buy CD in the online shop. 


Action needed - EP2 'Without Violence & of all Colours' release

In May 2022, we released a song written during our last year workshops 'Songwriting for Recovery'. It's a track based on a real story of domestic abuse survival Tracy Graham called 'Better Without You'. She also performed it and co-wrote it, supported by our founder Luiza Moir. This whole experience brought so much happiness and relief into her life, being very therapeutic and liberating event. It also connected with many others going through similar issues, bringing hope, understanding and the solution in music, through singing and songwriting for recovery, as the therapeutic and self-empowering process to recover from abusive relationship.

The song's link:

This track is one of 5 songs we have created during our last year free therapeutic music workshops with 5 different ladies, domestic abuse survivors. To be able to reach the bigger public, to make a strong impact on some, and to empower the most vulnerable we want to release all these 5 songs in the EP2 called 'Without Violence & of all Colours'.

But now, we need your support. The album was facilitated, arranged, recorded and produced completely for free by Luiza Moir, the founder of SLW, songwriter, music producer and music therapist. However, to finish it and release it will additionally cost about £1450, including sound engineer (mix), instrumentalists fee, making hard copy of the album (CD), graphic designer, a simple video production, and some promotion.

Please support our campaign, donate to this brilliant cause and enable us to go to the public with these stories that need to be heard and understood, to make people stop, think and care.

And that will bring support and change and many peoples lives.

THANK YOU! Every penny counts!

In 2019, we have released EP1 'Without Violence & of all Colours' with 5 songs inspired by real stories of domestic abuse victims, performed by international female artists who gave their beautiful voices to those who didn’t have an opportunity to speak.

On the EP2, survivors not only bring their stories but also co-wrote the songs and performed them, to effectively work through their own process of recovery and to strongly connect with those who need help, support and empowerment, going through similar issues.

But we won’t be able to get to them this time without your help. Please donate and make this possible.


Donate on our Crowdfunder campaign until 6th October and click the line below:

or donate clicking the button below. 

Massive THANKS!

What exactly we do?

1. If you feel that you want to share and write a song about your own story of domestic abuse, racial biases and inequality we would love to support you on that. We write, and help you to do so, assist in your healing process, record and release the song. Through the music we raise awareness, empower other women, their families, and finding solutions, make people stop and care, giving a voice to those who don't have an opportunity to speak. 

2. If you and your community needs more effective and accessible ways to raise awareness about those women's issues, direct advise, solutions and help in your hometown we organise live shows with our partners like local agencies, NGO's, artists and music lovers - reaching communities with the especially written songs and panels with experts from family supporting fields.

Music workshops for women, girls and families

3.  Maybe you lost your confidence, feeling low, powerless, you need to find yourself, your voice or you are in destructive relationship? We organise inspirational music workshops for women, girls and families, singing with songwriting for recovery and self-empowerment, playing different instruments, building healthy relationships with others.

Better with Music cafe

We are reworded by National Lottery Community Fund!

Pop-up cafe - 

We invite everyone to come along for live music, refreshments including lovely teas, coffee, delicious homemade cakes and soup, as well as craft products homemade by women

• We will showcase and enjoy live music from Sounds Like Women international artists and local singers too. There will be an open mic session.

Inspiring is empowering…

• Swindon charity supporting domestic abuse victims ambassador Tracy Graham will be providing us with all the necessary information to support those who need help. 

• We will have a ‘music corner’ for children and anyone who wants to interact and express themselves with music.

*Proceeds from the cafe will go towards supporting women and their communities through our ongoing activities such as music therapy, singing workshops and community events.

What Ladies says?

"As a survivor of domestic abuse, I met Luiza when I was a shadow of my former self. I went along to the musical workshops, where Luiza through various exercises helped me to find my voice...quite literally! Now I have the confidence speaking out something I wouldn't say before! "

Tracy Graham

"I was in a physically and psychologically abusive relationship for over 10 years. Then I found an amazing Sounds Like Women project. During the singing workshops with Luiza, with her knowledge, enthusiasm she was able to undo the key to my final cage and help find my own voice!"


"I went to see Luiza and join in some Sounds Like Women workshops with a group of women who had all suffered due to domestic abuse. We had so much fun and laughed, sung and recorded a song together! I can't recommend Sounds Like Women enough for healing & empowerment!"


Sounds Like Women it is a not for profit Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) raising awareness about the most pressing issues of women, girls, their families and communities, with a mission to empower through music and a range of music services and community activities. 

Company number: 12052099