'When words fail, music speaks' (H. Ch. Andersen)

Sounds Like Women

Our mission is to empower women & girls from around the world through music.

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What exactly we do?

1. We write, record and release songs inspired

by real stories about

women's the most pressing issues, giving the voice to those who don't have an opportunity to speak.

2. We organise live shows with international female artists - reaching different communities with our especially written music and panels with experts from women’s and family support fields.

3. We organise & provide musical workshops for women & girls who have been affected by the issues.

Sounds Like Women it is a not for profit Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) raising awareness about the most pressing women’s issues, and with a mission to empower women & girls from around the world through music and range of music activities.

(Company number: 12052099)

The recent project of Sounds Like Women called ‘Without Violence & of all Colours’ it’s an innovative music & social project, founded by the company creator & director Luiza Staniec - Moir, a singer, songwriter, music producer and sound therapist, set to help solving gender based women’s the most pressing issues like domestic violence or racial biases.

Luiza wrote, produced and recorded songs inspired by women’s true events of inequality, domestic violence and racial biases. The whole project will be released step by step in 3 different EPs, putting a stress on raising awareness strongly resonate with our audience, then empower women and finally find effective solutions.
I found  12 female vocalists who perform the tracks, and they come from different backgrounds, countries and cultures, giving a unique perspective on the whole story.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the most pressing issues for women, empowering them through the songs inspired by real stories & sung by international female artists. We want to give a voice to those who don’t have an opportunity to speak, let them be heard & understood, bring relief & hope. Promoting songs through media and live events with discussion panels we want to communicate with a big audience, governmental, NGO & private companies, who could help make a change, to educate, prevent & tackle these issues. 

With our activities we want make people stop, listen, understand and care. And we know, that songs inspired by real women's stories about these issues can do that. 

I believe that women around the world need to have power over themselves, and music, as the main language of this project is an effective & limitless way to peacefully achieve these goals.

Our direct solution to empower women and girls are musical workshops for those who were effected by the issues. All profit from EPs sale will go towards free musical workshops & music therapy sessions for survivors as well as for and for reaching different communities with live shows, which includes panels with experts from women’s and family support fields.